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Default Cara Mengurangi Resiko Kenari Mati Pada Masa Perkawinan

Canary is a bird that is considered easy to breed, with a nice looking and cross-bred sires to produce puppies of the same or even better than sires.

Once you have successfully mated walnuts and pulled the eggs much risk you have to face and preparation so that your efforts are not in vain.

You definitely do not want to bother you after treating canary even avail. This is the tip of the Hobby Walnuts to reduce the risk of death for your pet canary

3 days before the eggs hatch, give vitamins in drinking water walnuts

after 3 times the production, breeding rest for a week or two weeks in a cage umbaran wide

feed not to overfeed the current shortage of puppies

maintain hygiene, feeding and lighting with 5-watt bulbs in order to maintain its warmth

Link; tips mengurangi resiko kematian kenari
Budidaya Kenari
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