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Default Tips Mengatasi Burung Kenari Over Birahi

Canary or by the Latin name Serinus Canaria is one of the species of birds that are in the favorite by bird lovers or who are more familiar with the chirping dipannggil mania, at the beginning of the familiar canary is only used as one of the birds masteran, but after the Canaries this entry into the existing bird birds digantungan rink contest, the chirping mania has now menabah function of kenariini, which originally haa as masteran, has now become the preferred bird and always be included in a wide variety of race arena.

Have a canary that gacor and consistent course will be a joy and also kebangggaan course. However, if the canary owned over lust or even in a state Drov, certainly it's an unpleasant incident. For that here I will berbgi tips and tricks to handle canary Yag over lust or Drov:

Care canary over lust

1. Give the cucumber fruit for 2 days in a row

2. Frequency of bathing made more frequently than usually, for example during the morning and afternoon

3. The duration of the drying process is reduced about 1.5 hours per day, then to 30 minutes per day

4. For pengumbaran time can be made to be more frequent and longer

Care canary drop conditions

1. Give an apple for 4 days in a row without a break.

2. Expand mixture Lin Niger Seed and Seed on bijiannya feed.

3. Portion Kroto giving increased to 3 times a week

4. The bath is reduced, made into 2 days only

5. Birds immediately isolated, and canaries do not see and hear the birds first kind.

6. The duration of drying was increased to 2-3 hours / day.

Thus Publish us on the Canary Bird Care Over Sexual arousal and Drop the Good and True in this article. Thank you for your visit on this simple blog. May be useful.

Link: cara mengatasi kenari over birahi
Budidaya Kenari
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