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Not always a bird in a healthy condition. Although not expected to occur, sometimes there are health problems experienced birds, including on your favorite Walnuts. One of the conditions that often or commonly occur in walnuts is his voice suddenly disappeared. It can occur in walnuts that have been diligently reads (gacor) and walnuts are being studied reads. This problem is often asked my friend kicaumania, especially walnuts fans who happen to run into the case.

To overcome this, the necessary knowledge of the origin of the cause, in order not to repeat cases where walnuts are already inflated throat but not out booms, then treated by her throat plugged with straw or grass.

This case never happened to a kicaumania (no need to mention his name ). What happened? A few minutes later, the canary really lost it all: Voice and his life !!!

Buddy is grounded, the way that the parents-parents treat bird perkututnya first time that loss of voice.

Well, to avoid similar cases, let us browse some root causes why walnuts are already inflated throat, but no sound came out. Based on the experience so far, there are several factors that trigger

Link: cara mengatasi suara kenari serak
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