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Default Cara Mengatasi Kenari Males Bunyi

Already often we hear a canary that suddenly jammed sound after a moult or fur dressing time, it is not because when the birds moult experiencing tremendous pain or decreased vitality. If during the moult do not pay attention to How to Care Walnuts moult it is not impossible that the birds will be stalled thereafter. According to my observations and experience, those who have a canary that was originally diligent rambling, then when moult ignored feed / food is so that the birds will be sluggish, overweight so lazy sound.

Please note if the breakdown caused by bird canary malnourished or ngedrop so you have to increase the nutrient that bird back fit. Here is Kissawa have a special note on How to Cope with Loss Canary Bird sounds so cheerful and willing to return the bird chirping as usual.

Provide quality feed (high nutrient and harmonious). You can give him a quality finished feed Expensive little that's okay, it's only used for 2-3 weeks for therapeutic purposes. Can also mix their own feed walnuts by considering the contents contained in these grains.

To add vitality, you can also give a boiled egg concoction of egg food to walnut jam sound for 1 week. How to make it can be seen here and here, depending on your taste.

Give all the fruits that can help speed up the recovery of his physical condition, such as apples given each day. Because given fruit, the vegetables can be stopped so that the birds would eat the apples that you provide.

Give multivitamin and multimineral to improve his physical condition that can be said to "drop" after the moult. which are sold in the bird market, the first week of each day is given, the second week was given 2 days, in the next week once a week enough.

Because birds have completed the moult, drying can be increased or maximized.

Walnuts are jammed sound is not only caused by nutritional deficiencies, could have stopped the sound of birds due to stress from falling or fear cage with a large bird, bird predators that often you hanging nearby. To overcome these birds need to be kept or exiled, while other treatments such as treatment needs to be done above.

Link: cara mengatasi kenari macet bunyi
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