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Default Pakan Yang Tepat Bagi Anakan Kenari

Walnuts are one of the species of birds and how to treat them is not complicated, since most of the original feed is grain that can hold for a few months, and it is very menghemeat spending the Kenarimania, only a few times just for those who want to give the effect of protein namely to give him boiled eggs, quail eggs eggs can other poultry or eggs.

Actually for adult canary feed yourself quite easily, but if it includes tillers aka lolohan then sometimes confuse beginners should be fed anything, given grain fear is not smooth, given the vegetables are also sometimes do not like, then given feed what?

Well .. I myself will write here is actually also very easy to give specific best feed puppies or overfeed this, because at this overfeed walnut saplings still require nutrition in the form of protein for growth, because if it means less nutrient intake pertumbuhannnya not optimal and tend to be walnut failed.

Best feed Walnuts Tillers (Lolohan):

Give the best feed in the form of combination of milk pots with boiled egg yolk ratio of 1: 2 and a bit given water.

Can also be biscuits malkist if birds have been aged 1 month

Suapilah by using a stick that has dtumpulkan (so as not dangerous)

If you are lazy you could do sandingkan with bird breeders who have not spawn untup fed (like most breeders)

Link: pakan terbaik untuk anakan kenari
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