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When the change of season (transition) is a condition in which very quickly went from hot to cold / rainy season. And when the human body is not in a fit condition, it will be easy to fall ill. It is for humans. And it turns out the transition is also very unfriendly for canaries. Walnuts are less fit will get sick like the flu / colds at the time of transition due to changes in extreme weather and fast. For that we as walnuts walnuts mania must get around to stay healthy. One powerful way of maintaining the health of the Canaries is the traditional herb. On this occasion we will share tips on healthy walnuts with traditional ingredients. Besides naturally, also potent maintain healthy walnuts and does not get sick. Let us refer to the mix pal below.

Traditional herb Walnuts To Stay Healthy

Traditional herb that is used as the main ingredient contains many nutrients and substances that are very good for health walnuts. Ginger, turmeric, honey, egg yolks are some compositions used for natural supplements. Well to make a traditional herb for maintaining healthy walnuts, the following ingredients:

3 medium-size segment turmeric

1 large size segment ginger

4 tsp honey

1 kg of feed walnuts in the form of grains.

2 eggs (yolks download)

10 fish oil seed (capsules)

3 point Natur E

How To Make:

First peel ginger and turmeric until clean.

Blend both by way of shredded or blended.

Then insert the tube / small basin.

Then open all Natur E and grab the contents placed in small containers

Then open all fish oil and take it. Move to a small container.

After that prepare the yolk in a small container.

Then pour honey (2 tablespoons) into the yolk. Stir until evenly distributed.

Combine all the ingredients into the bowl / container larger. Add boiled water as much as 1/3 cup.

Stir so that all the ingredients are well blended. Set aside.

Then feed walnut washed and filtered in order to clean. Do it until clear water filter.

Then enter the canary feed that you have had filtered into the container herb. Stir until evenly distributed.

Furthermore, dry dough with aerated. Or it could be by drying.

Once completely dry, remove the herbs into jars and sealed.

Traditional herb for walnuts ready to be given at any time.

Store in a tightly closed shade and so durable.

Easy enough not to make a traditional herb for walnuts in order to stay healthy? By way of making the correct storage and nutritional content will not be lost. Healthy walnuts and always gacor in all weather. Good luck, Good luck.

Link: ramuan tradisional untuk kenari
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