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Default Karakter Umum Burung Kanari

General characteristics of walnuts - indeed hobby activities that can generate money. You only need diligent care and keep animals that you like with good to be bred. Most people think that a profitable farms are breeding cattle, goat, chicken, buffalo, and other mammals. Have you thought about breeding birds? Today many types of birds that can help you make money, especially if you have a bird species is unique, attractive colors, and has a melodious chirping. Birds that have a good chirp can use to contest the birds chirp. The contest is currently in routine activities annually to the community of bird lovers.

Walnuts are one of the birds that can be bred. Canary (Serinus canaria) included in the family Fringillidae along with finches. Canary bird is not a bird native to Indonesia. Walnuts birds were first discovered in the 15th century, in the Canary Islands by the French sailor named Jean de Berthan cout. Therefore, the birds were discovered by Jean de Berthan Cout is named Walnuts (in Indonesian) because these birds are found in the Canary Islands.

Canary bird known in Indonesia by the Dutch colonizers. At that time, they were the Dutch nobleman took him and introduced in Indonesia. The birds can adapt well in Indonesia, as evidenced by the increase in bird species Walnuts in Indonesia. But this time, the bird Kenari including rare bird species in Indonesia.

and is currently in Indonesia, canaries which are the main topic is the F1 Yorkshire canaries canary that is the result of cross-breeding between the local canary canary yorkshire who has an athletic body shape.

General characteristics of birds Walnuts are as follows:


Canary bird known for melodious voice in singing. This is the reason why many people who admire birds Walnuts. In addition, the birds singing Walnuts are often used as ingredients in the contest assessment birds chirping. It is not easy to obtain and care Walnuts melodious birds booms. Determinants Canary bird chicks that have tunable chirp is genetics and feed. This is why the way cattle Walnuts is not easy, because the Canaries need nutritious food to maintain sonority booms.

bird fighter

Walnuts are one of the birds bird fighter. Why is that? Because these birds using booms to prove his manhood. Usually the birds singing male Walnuts used to attract females Canary bird. Increasingly loud and melodious booms, the larger the bird Walnuts manhood for females. In addition, when the birds chirp of birds Walnuts heard another, the Canary bird will issue a chirp louder than the other birds. So the purpose of bird fighter here is not a bird that likes to fight with physical strength. Therefore, the chirp of a bird virility weapon Walnuts.


Canary bird known to be very easy to adapt to the surrounding environment. In the area of origin is in Continental Europe, Canary birds are familiar with the conditions of the four seasons. Thus, Walnuts are very adaptable birds in another environment in season less than four. Therefore, these birds are often the goods for export and import of various countries.

easy benign

Canary bird character easily tamed. Why is that? As noted, that the birds Walnuts easily adapt to its environment. Birds Walnuts are also very easy benign to humans, especially if the bird Walnuts met with the owner who always take care of him. When birds Walnuts meet with the farmer, then the Canary birds can recognize peternaknya by issuing kicaunya melodious.

Not easily stressed

Is one of the Canary bird character underdog. Burung Kenari not easily stressed when displacement cage or cage against him. These birds will still sing, unlike other birds chirp. When the displacement of the cage bird species besides Walnuts, the bird does not sing because it would have difficulty adapting to his new environment. The impact of the difficulty of adapting is experiencing stress. Therefore, birds Walnuts often be excellent in the contest birds chirping. For birds Kenar, the new environment is not a barrier to chirp.

Lust easy ride

Birds Walnuts have lust (sexual intercourse readiness) easy ride. Especially the male Canary bird. When a pair of birds Walnuts are in a cage, only requiring adaptation in a long pair of the Canaries will perform sexual intercourse. It is very beneficial for breeders to breed birds Walnuts. But the bird mating Walnuts, you need to pay attention to genetic factors that can produce high-quality seedlings.

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