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Default Tips Memandikan Burung Kenari Secara Tepat

Bath makes you healthy birds and feathers in good condition. If possible, the bird should get a bath every day if the weather is hot. During replace feathers (molting) we should be more intensive in the bathing birds, it is very important because the water will help soften the harsh and brittle network so that the network can open up and facilitate the process of threshing old fur and feathers will easily grow back (called pinfeathers)
Almost all birds including canaries, enjoy a bath. There is nothing more fun than to watch a bunch of sparrows getting ready for a shower. First bird will jump into the water and then out again as if to test the waters. Again he jumped up and made a little spark, it is a signal to all members of their group to jump in and join, wag their wings and dive head under water.
Use tub / water trays of plastic that is inserted in a special cage for madi, because usually the birds want to bathe themselves.
Keep the water used to wash the bird free from chlorine. Chlorine in the water can harm sensitive tissues and membranes in the skin and cause damage to the skin and fur on the outside. Well water can be used for bathing, but sometimes in areas such as in Kalimantan peat iron content in the water is too high, it is not good anyway when used for a bird bath.
Also avoid bird bathing in dirty water, because the bacteria in the water can lead to enter and thrive in the intestines and cause your bird birds become sick or even die. If you are unsure about your well water, boiled for 15 minutes and let cool until it returns to normal temperature / room. This water can then be stored in a jar / gallon plastic that has previously been used to store water.
Offer your bird bath in the morning in order to allow him to dry his body before going to bed. Sleep with wet fur is not a good idea. The water temperature was the same as the room temperature is preferred so that the oil on the feathers of birds you will not be lost. If oil is lost, the feathers of birds no longer protect the body against temperature changes and it can be cold and easily hurt.
If your bird healthy and in good condition, but it does not seem to want to shower, bathe by spraying with a misty spray occasionally, this will help keep your bird feathers in good condition. Spray up and over your head so that the birds fall as light rain.

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