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Default Cara Membuat Birahi Kenari Naik

Good night bird lovers Walnuts, still the spirit of caring for canary ?? Should the spirit donk !!! For those of you who have old or new birds like the same beautiful and elegant with a variety of these colors, plus a melodious voice, must know the character of the canary. I wish like anything, like that how to maintain, let canary stay healthy and sound every day. Well, in a previous article I've discussed Tips & Tricks Choosing Canary Bird breeders, on this occasion I will try to share a little experience on Caring for Canaries Male breeders Let ngisi (tillers).


New young canaries would netas voice or aged 6-7 months, usually Walnuts are times longer high lust. Sometimes like stuck in a cage when looking at the opposite sex. For those of you who are doing or new breeding birds would menangkarkan Walnuts, tips here might be a little help. For those that are experts in livestock Walnuts can provide input in the comment box, because I am still in the learning phase.

Young walnuts you want as breeders, usually would fit with the female inbred Walnuts equally whether young or who have experience laying the male is rarely stable control lust. When in one sangkarkan, the male love chasing the females, while the sound of incessant that marriage was hard going. Even if the male Walnuts already proficient in marriage, not necessarily also he could ngisi to eggs (if not necessarily spawn hatch so the child). For you are experiencing problems like this, you can try the tips in a nutshell here.

In accordance with my experince, I did do as below:

Walnuts drying Males who would you marry in the sun, before the spray can while in the water / bathed, for food enough love cucumber alone (take all plash food / drinking water). Let the canary in the drying approximately less than 2 hours. Furthermore, once the winds of love feed as usual, do not forget to give half of it enough quail eggs (quail eggs 2x a week is enough). The function of cucumber to stabilize the lust of the bird, and to increase stamina and quail eggs might Walnuts male birds.

Perform the treatment for a week, then look at the rectum red bird that is a sign of healthy birds and ready for inbred. But if anus yellowish, sometimes there is mired around it was a sign of birds are less healthy and do not ever try to inbred because it's useless (although it could be up to spawn, small chance to charge the tiller). If necessary additional foods in the feed given CD Super, point to nourish the birds let more aggressive and agile. You can get the CD Super in shops / stall nearby birds around you.

Link: cara meningkatkan birahi kenari
Budidaya Kenari
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