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Lately more and more hobis were asked about various obstacles in raising ... .. but if diligently explore all the posts I've made all the tips I have discussed, probably because of time constraints resulted in yet sempet for searching in another article .... To help you I will try to discuss about the three causes of the success of breeding canaries ....

In the world of the farm there is a natural process flow to be followed can not be forced. Where every living creature will be cyclical reproduce as adults, as well as walnuts .... Walnuts will reproduce after reaching a certain age (adult) we can not force to accelerate reproduce ... .. According to my experience in breeding canaries there are three factors that determine the success or failure of breeding canaries, namely:

age Walnuts

The ideal age for about 6 months and above walnuts to walnut walnut females and males for about 8 months, although sometimes there are breeders who started to match the walnut at the age of 4 months .... Why do I recommend age walnuts ready cattle at the age of 6 months? ... .. Because at the age of 6 months is ripe for reproduction .... At the age of 4 months can be bred but reproductive and its psychological consequences not working optimally reproduce canary breeders but the resulting child is not optimal as a child die in the egg (not hatched), although their eggs netas seldom live to adulthood because of the psychological parent still labile so can not properly care for their children .... her disability or death can be discarded out of the nest ...... And most of all if sires bred at an early age not long production period broodstock.

Health Walnuts

Health is also very decisive factor in breeding, which if optimal health breeders will increase the libido breeders to reproduce ... .. To maintain healthy canary cage hygiene must be observed ... nutritious feed interspersed with provision for adequate nutritional vitamins which are not in feed grains and do not forget that the drying morning routine. Morning sunlight is very beneficial for health and can increase libido walnuts ....

Animal pens Location

Although canary is a bird that has been further developed through human intervention decades ago. Canary could quickly you adapt to various environments ranging from elite seedy neighborhood to neighborhood. Starting from low temperature to high temperature but require certain conditions that approach the ideal environment for the walnuts to be bred .... There are a few breeders who are sensitive to the condition of the enclosure / cage cattle. Animal cage placement arranged protected from the weather outside, passing animals or insects.

For starters do not be afraid to try livestock walnuts if still fails try the walnut farm of three factors investigate the factors that still need to be improved .... Nevertheless remains a passion for breeding canaries

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