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Default Cara Merawat Burung Kenari Merah

Caring red walnut (red factor canary) is similar to other types of treatment canary with the exception of feeding and diet.

Some breeders canary even specialize in the care and breeding canaries of this type, which ranges from orange to bright red. This kind walnuts need to be given special diet so fur continues even if the bird has a red color has undergone a process of moulting / replacement of the old to the new fur fur.

If feeding is given randomly and origin by not meeting the needs of feed rich in beta carotene and certain other nutrients, then surely red in the canary of this type will change to yellow after moulting process is completed.

Giving supplements containing chemicals to keep the red color can be given but this is not recommended if there is the possibility to use fresh vegetables instead.

In many cases the use of chemicals for food colors can be harmful to the health of your red walnut and may even shorten their lifespan.

To be safe, you should provide fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that contain a lot of nutrients and beta carotene every day in which the content of these substances normally found in: Fresh grated carrots, chopped broccoli, tomato-tomatan, fruit cherries, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and fruits and other vegetables that contain lots of beta carotene.

Feeding is highly recommended especially when the birds suffered loss condition feather / moulting.

Link: cara merawat kenari merah
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