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Default Cara Jitu Membuat Kenari Ngeplong

Caring bird is basically a combination of art, experience, and scientific. That's why, in some cases, tips for handling certain issues may not be standard, because it depends on factors trigger, process of care, bird characters, and experiences of each bird hobbyist. However, for matters related to the physiological and metabolism in the body, there are similarities in most of the birds chirp. From the combination of that, Om chirping want to share knowledge about the causes of bird chirp detection can not ngeplong, although birds are old enough, and some ways to overcome them.

Ngeriwik the second phase of the process berkicaunya a bird, especially the birds chirp. The first phase is-burble burble, with no clear tone and irregular rhythm, that of birds since it hatched.

When the bird has entered the age of sexual maturity, should have entered the third phase of the singing process, namely ngeplong. Most birds chirp will enter this phase if at least 8 months old.

However, due to several factors, not the least of birds who have reached the age of sexual maturity is old enough alias still ngeriwik, and yet ngeplong. This sometimes makes pal kicaumania frustrating, and ultimately sell the bird to another person. Unfortunately, so bought another person who is acquainted with bird care about, uh ... not long after the birds ngeplong also, even successful also in the competition arena.

Well, to avoid things like this, Om will chirping birds included an article about the cause despite ngeplong not old enough, and how to cope. However, this article specifically for insectivorous birds, such as stone magpie, kacer, pentet, and the like. Can also be applied to family leafbird, such as green and cucak cucak Rante (cucak twig).

Link: cara merawat kenari agar ngeplong
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