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Default Cara Mengatasi Kenari Patah Kaki

Perhaps you have never experienced this sad event, the bird you had fractures and bleeding. Although we do not expect it to happen, but it helps us to know how to connect a bird's broken leg.

One way ever discussed this, the bird with a broken leg Connect. But here I would Sharring means connecting the other way.

This method never discussed one friend in the forum Well here are the things you need to prepare: a medicine, the white wood glue (bought at the hardware store), tissue (tissue rolls better), bamboo sticks or toothpicks.

Consider the picture canary hurt and bleed this:

Walnut legs broken and bloody

Well, try smeared with antiseptics, can betadine or can also BirdCream (Om chirping product) which is specifically for the treatment of old and new wounds. After that align the broken bones and wrapped with tissue casts.

The trick, wrap a tissue layer with a small cut size of long legs, then spread with wood glue; and then attach a small bamboo stick to keep a straight leg broken into. After the bandage again with a tissue. Do that until 4-5 layers.

Once completed, the birds are retained until the glue is dry.

Budidaya Kenari
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