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Default Cara Mengobati Kaki Kenari Jamuran

Have your favorite chirping birds have a problem with the growth of mold or bubul in the feet and between the toes? Of course if you always keep the enclosure / cage, especially perch / tangkringan then issue this fungus will not overwrite your pet bird. Yes, because the fungus that grows in the fingers and toes birds will only grow if hygiene is not maintained. On this occasion we will share tips on how to treat fungus on the feet of birds chirping. This article just in case if there is mold in the feet of birds chirping your pet.

Mushrooms or bubul growing in the feet and fingers caused by hygiene bird cage perch not especially clean. Perch humid and there is dirt (both feces and leftovers) will very quickly overgrown with fungus. Always on guard for cage hygiene by washing and cleaning of dirt every morning and afternoon. Then how to treat fungus on the feet of birds chirping? Consider the following article carefully to the end.

Powerful Ways to Treat Foot Fungus In Birds Chirping

Here's how to remove / treat fungus on the feet of birds chirping easily and effectively:

First, grasp the bird contained fungus on his feet slowly and relaxed.

Then wash the moldy feet with warm water until it is clean benari / missing mushrooms.

After that, dry the feet of birds with a rag.

Then apply / wet foot bird with kerosene, and wait until it is completely dry without wiping.

After that, apply an antifungal ointment such as Canesten, Daktarin or ointment that is proven to eliminate 88 mushrooms.

Birds do not need to be bathed until 2 days after given antifungal ointment.

Two days later back foot wash with warm water birds like the above steps.

Then wet again with kerosene, wait until dry and apply another antifungal ointment.

Perform routine until the mushrooms are completely lost. Usually it takes 3 weeks to maximally eliminate the fungus.

Mushrooms will flake or dry and feet of birds chirping your pet back clean.

Actually the birds chirp your feet will not moldy as long as you maintain the cleanliness of the cage and perch every day. So do not let the fungus grow on your feet because the birds chirp lazy to clean the cage. Fungus attached to the bird's feet will interfere with the appearance of birds chirping, both physically and psychologically. Bird will be jammed sound if something is bothering him.

Link: cara menghilangkan jamur pada kaki kenari
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