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Default Cara Memasang Ring Di Kaki Kenari

We often encounter several species of birds chirping like a canary, green cucak on his legs are ring / ring as identity and ancestry of the bird, the ring is usually installed when the age of the birds are still young / piyikan.

The problem is, how do I put the ring on foot canary so that the results are good and do not make your feet become damaged birds especially to disability. This lightweight tips I got from some friends in the community papburi cilacap.

Ring on foot canary

Following review and tips on how to put the ring on foot canary safe:

Do mounting ring / ring when the birds were aged 5 s / d 10 days.

Prepare the correct size ring that fits with bird feet.

When holding the tiller canary Be very careful because the walnut saplings bones are still very soft and easily broken.

How to enter the ring, himpitkan 3 forward and enter the ring finger, the finger back and himpitkan folding legs attached to the back of a walnut. To more clearly be seen in the image below.

how to put the ring on foot walnut

The order of the steps put the ring on foot walnut

If it is too big foot size and approach the diameter of the ring, it's better to use lotion or baby oil as a pelican.

Thus Friend, I hope this article can help Buddy in action and how to install the ring on foot canary anakan..Mohon after finished installing the ring, it's good buddy walnut seedlings observed behavior after using the ring.

Link: cara memasangkan cincin pada kaki kenari
Budidaya Kenari
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