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Default Patokan Penilaian Lomba Burung Berkicau

Many of us are often bertanya2 about how exactly how the jury assess the birds in the race. Basically, there has been a standard assessment in the race birds chirping, the same used by juri2, either in association PBI or other associations that there are many in Indonesia. Here I merely give the gist of it.

Assessment sheets held jury, generally consists of five columns that stretched down. At the top of his own, writing the name of the association / association jury. Underneath listed bird type .... (Fill jury); Name: .... (Name of judge) and Address ... (Address jury). Underneath that there are five columns lengthwise down. The first column contains the serial number (gantangan number of birds). The second column is the column and subsequent berturut2 RHYTHM / SONG; VOLUME / SOUND; PHYSICAL / STYLE and TOTAL (sum value).

Link: kriteria penilaian lomba kenari
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