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Default Cara Membuat Tepung Wortel Sebagai Pakan Burung Kenari

Birds chirping like a lovebird, parakeet, and a crooked beak birds really like carrots as food. Even carrots can keep the red color on the red canary. Carrots contain many nutrients that are good for the birds chirping. The content of vitamin A in carrots is well known. Vitamin A is good for maintaining healthy eyes. But do you know how to make carrot teung? Because if the carrots are served raw in the middle then louder, so that the birds can not afford to eat it thoroughly. For that you can make carrot flour so that the birds can be easily eat. On this occasion we will share how to make carrot flour easily.


How to Make Carrot flour is actually easy to do at home. Carrot is believed to maintain the health condition of birds chirping. No wonder, if abroad carrots into the daily menu of birds chirping. For birds lovebird, take part in carrots is certainly not difficult. But what about the canary? In order for easier eating carrot walnut, presented in the form of flour. Here we will tell how to make carrot powder easily and quickly.

How to Make Wheat Carrot For Birds Chirping

By processing the carrot in the form of flour, it will be easier for us to serve. Can be mixed voer, grains, or given their own container. Here's how to make flour carrot:

Prepare some fresh carrots

Rinse with water and let stand until dry first.

Then grated carrots (or can be thinly sliced).

Then the carrot slices blender until smooth.

Once the carrots finely dried in the oven for a few minutes.

Then sieve using a filter / strainer.

Then enter in the jar tightly.

Flour carrots ready to be given to the birds chirping anytime.

Many of the benefits that we get if the carrot processing into flour. In addition to more durable, carrot flour can also be given to birds with ease. Hopefully you did not hesitate to try to make carrot flour at home. Good luck, Good luck.

Buddy kicaukan, so we convey information about how to make carrot flour. May be useful for you all, and thank you for reading this article. Listen to continue Kicaukan Chirping Bird Club to obtain a wide range of important information about the world of birds and treatment. Greetings chirping, good luck.

Link: cara membuat tepung wortel untuk kenari
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