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Default Cara Merawat Burung Kenari Putih

The canary is very much the type and color shades, from the most widely encountered lemon yellow, amber, orange, red (red), white, color bond, the color of the church, and many other alloys colors we have ever seen.

However menururt opinion of some chirping mania ever submitted to us, that the canary loudest voice is the white color moreover, white and clean (plain) and also colored church / bond, of the two types of walnuts is what his voice is loud and strident when compared with other types, menururt earlier opinion.

But we had never scrutinize whether or not that opinion, is there a causal factor that can strengthen this opinion, so one of them could think so.

If it is true, based on experience, I happen to have ever had a white walnut with age that is still relatively young, but her voice is pretty good, not least with walnuts belong friends with age are already quite mature, but his voice is still mediocre, is it appropriate with the above opinion. We can not guarantee 100% of its truthfulness.

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