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Default Cara Merawat Burung Kenari Yang Stres

treating canaries who experience stress and also jammed bunnyi indeed need extra attention, to keep in mind is the stress on the canary is not only suffering from the canary male but also female canary.

The tendency of a bird to be stress is influenced by many factors. In canaries are several factors that can make the stress is:

* Environment is too noisy and crowded. This situation is very trigger walnuts to stress. Crowded environments such as on the roadside, in the middle of construction and development areas as well as areas with a high passing rate should be avoided.

* Temperature and weather is not good, for example, just too hot or too cold. In this situation usually walnuts will get jammed sound, less agile even if it is too long will cause disease and death.

* The sound of other birds also trigger stress in walnut. This is evident because some experience proves that male canaries they get jammed noise and stress of the other birds brought closer to the larger and more "fighter".

Budidaya Kenari
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