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Default Penyebab Piyek Burung Kenari Mati

Canaries are no longer strangers in the community, an avid bird singing, easy perawatanya, pakanya inexpensive, easy cultivation, as well as considerable commercial value. Even if in your field cultivation of walnuts can make a decent income source. But there are times when there are difficulties sometimes experienced by novice like me. Not infrequently chicks die at an early age, died at a young age, and sometimes can also die at the age of 21-25harian. There was the unique side when trying to develop something, surely there is always a problem that must be followed. The following personal experience in matters of marriage walnut cultivation until the puppy can get away survive until independently. Here are questions and answers that often makes the obstacles often faced canary breeder.

Link: penyebab anakan kenari mati
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