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Default Cara Membersihkan Kandang Burung Kenari

Caring for the birds do have a distinct impression, we will volunteer to provide food, drinks and also cleans kandang..tanpa there paksaan..dan without us knowing it to be extra work we besides shining shoes and ironing a shirt in the morning (especially if it is still beloved wife sleep soundly).

which is an obstacle for the office, must have slid 7.30 to bekerja..sementara if we calculate for treatment 1 mb tail (the cage) I count count approximately 30 minutes we take waktu..untuk replace food, drink + clean the cage with notes brushed cage and in clean condition every day in order to calm and nyaman..bayangkan MBnya if we have at least 5 brackets that must be taken care ... how much time we spend in it.

I myself have become routine cleaning cages every day and God bless you always clean cage and MB I feel very grateful and diligent twitter without having to interfere with the smell of dirt that accumulates the bottom of the cage. I myself Cleaning 1 brackets only takes 1 minute less, the rest I take to listen to the birds singing ... wow pleasure ..

How: 1. scissors tarp / plastic carpet DNG slippery surfaces (for easy cleaning) follow the basic shape can be round brackets to square jg depending on the type of brackets

2. create as many as 2 pieces (1 to be installed caged and 1 more carpet clean up) to be mounted interchangeably

3. pairs each day they will be in the bottom brackets carpet

4. every morning roll carpet has been installed (which is full of dirt DNG) replace with spare carpet clean. Then the bird can be dried in the sun.

5. Before leaving for the office while taking a bath in the morning to clean the dirty carpet TSB and stored, to be used at night in order to lg brackets as input into the house in a clean state in the evening (free of complaints wife)

6. home from work at 5:00 pm rolls lg dirty carpet in parenthesis to be replaced with the already cleaned. Then enter the birds into the house with the condition that clean of dirt brackets.

7. do routine every day. To be healthy birds, chirp-free and free of complaints WIFE (due to bird droppings that littered the house).

Gampangkan capital only "roll CARPET" and cleanse "WHILE BATH" does not take that long.

The results are healthy birds, brackets durable and clean paint and dirt stains pliturnya not met, the basic brackets are always clean. The remaining time can be to listen to the birds singing in the morning while coffee and smoking a cigarette.

Link: tips membersihkan sangkar kenari
Budidaya Kenari
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