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Default Cara Mengatasi Mata Burung Kenari Bengkak Dan Berair

Watery eyes, swollen and looks canary is rubbing his head to perch. What's disease anyway ?, this condition has occurred a few days and are likely to continue to deteriorate because of both his own experience swelling. Characteristics of this disease, as happened in the chicken and called the disease "Snot". However, from a variety of records and information that I received orally or in articles on the Internet, said that the disease snot on Canary bird is different from the snot that commonly occur in other poultry such as chickens (eg CRD and Coryza).

Eyes swollen and watery canaries, caused by upper respiratory tract infections (ARI). Walnuts birds affected by this disease, always trying to rub his eyes anywhere. As a result, the outer lining of the eye will be red, swollen and infection increasingly widespread. Initially, only one eye was swollen, a few days later his eyes and head look bigger. If not treated quickly, canaries which ill be getting worse (eye swelling, decreased appetite) and death.

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