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Default Beberapa Kesalahan Dalam Merawat Kenari Yokser

Of the several types of walnuts, may Walnuts Yorksire (YS) are the most popular today. Walnuts are long and great berpostur is a lot of demand by kicaumania true. Yorkshire canaries price is quite expensive. Piyikan YS alone is valued hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. This is crowned YS as walnuts topnotch and luxury. Yorkshire canary care is a little different from the usual local walnut. For treatment of imported yorkshire canaries we have written here. But some fans yorkshire canaries need to know what are the things that should be avoided in treating YS walnuts. Because if not careful in treating YS, YS could be you will be silent and easily hurt. Anything that should be avoided for treating yorkshire canaries? We will share the info for you.

Yorkshire canary has a body size that is two times larger than the local walnut. Logically, the larger the body size of a walnut, the greater nutritional needs. YS walnuts also have weakness in Indonesian adaptation to tropical temperatures. To that end, YS walnuts can not be equated with the local walnut in terms of drying. If the local walnuts really like to sunbathe during the day, in contrast to the more vulnerable YS pain if forced to dry.

Link: kesalahan merawat kenari Yorkshire
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