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This one process is rather complicated and difficult because not all Match the walnuts that we will succeed. If you take care of small children and have walnuts from different genders walnut saplings likely this will be very easy to Match the. But if you buy a canary retail or say you already have a male canary at home and buy another female canary canaries in the market certainly will not be directly bejodoh so you have to match the way first:

Place the walnuts male and female in a different cage and put the cage on each other. With the process you will know that walnuts readiness for mating. Do this every day until the visible signs of the male when in close proximity to the female will chase or crash into a cage with a tight and the female flounder-geleparkan wings ask mating marks. Usually during the evening or at bedtime walnuts male and female sleeping close together.

How to livestock or aquaculture canary next is to put the nest. When the canary females begin preparing and tidying the nest means the female is ready to spawn.

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