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Default Karakteristik Burung Kenari Spanish Timbrado

Ever heard of a walnut kicaukan pal spanish timbrado or Spanish Timbrado Canary? Probably not many people know, because of his popularity in Indonesia is still inferior to other types of walnuts. But walnut timbrado spanish is kind of a walnut that has two kestimewaan, namely the voice and posture.

Walnuts timbrado began to be developed in Spain between the years 1940-1950, the result of crosses of kenaroliar and birds chirping finches native Spain. Then the result is also very good, which is a variable sound / chirp very unique and posture are also stunning. Timbrado spanish canary chirping sound is loud, but do not make your ears uncomfortable. Timbrado spanish walnut varieties included in the song canary though he also has a good posture.

For those of you who want to have it, you should pay attention to how maintenance spanish canary timbrado well. Because this Spayol walnut shy and tend to be passive, so no good if placed along with parakeets, parrots, or loverbird. Spain should be placed along with the walnuts walnuts similar.

Link: kenari spanish timbrado
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