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Default Burung Kenari Vs Murai Batu

Construction of the cage is not much different from other breeders stone magpie. Rear wall and the left and right side are made of adobe. The front wall of wire wrapped delicate ram.

The length and width of each plot cage each 2 meters and 1 meter, while the height of 2.4 meters. Floor of the cage in the form of land, so that the atmosphere in the slightly moist so that it can reduce the heat and make the birds comfortable.

Tub of clean water available at all times. Nest box provided two per plot cage. The goal is that birds choose one of the nest boxes are considered the most comfortable.

Tillers were harvested at 1 week old, moved to a special cage that has been equipped with heating lamps. Om Amu stone magpie chicks treating yourself to afford to feed themselves.

Link: murai batu
Budidaya Kenari
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