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Default Khasiat Daun Binahong Bagi Kesehatan Burung Kenari

In the hanging cage canary, whether indoors or outdoors, try the location is not directly exposed to the wind. For example at or near the front windows, air inlets, fan or air conditioner.

This simple things that are often overlooked when treating a number of starters walnuts. To find out whether the room is free from direct wind gust, or a gust of wind, you can put a candle in front of the cage. Note that if the flames were moving wildly, it means you have to move the cage to a safe place. Let the canary in the room that gets gust of wind will make the birds susceptible to various diseases.

Exposed to direct sunlight, especially during hot weather, can be fatal, it can even cause death from heat stroke attack. Instead, the pattern of drying at the right time can provide many benefits to your bird.

For example, if you want to hang the bird, the recommended time is in the morning at sunrise and in the afternoon when the sun will set. Drying during the day can be tolerated, as long as you have to constantly monitor the condition of the bird. When starting to look panting, immediately remove and let cool bird, or it could be closed in part a cage with a cloth roof that birds get adequate shade.

Link: daun binahong untuk kenari
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