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Default Khasiat Biji Millet Bagi Burung Kenari

Milet is very popular feed grain eating birds such as canaries, finches, parakeets, and a lovebird. This feed contains high nutrition for pet birds. Milet can be administered in a variety of ways of presenting, including mixed with other feed ingredients to be absorbed into the seeds before eating birds. Milet high nutritious concoction may make birds healthier, more active, and more diligently reads.

Kebaradaannya indeed very important for the sound growth for walnuts, as this menhadu one of the main food for kenari.Berikut I will give some types of grains that are often consumed by the kenari.Saya provide for walnut along with their role.

KENARI SEED (Kanarium Memmum): or a walnut, the magnitude of approximately rice, flattened shape and the edges are slightly tapered. Her skin was slick and hard but easy once detached. Good quality is the old, dry clean and odorless and pale yellow, shiny, soft and white are the seeds that are still young and not good for birds.

It feels good and tasty because it canaries very're a fan. Abortion is: 14.4% protein, 6.4% fat and 55.3% carbohydrate. In addition to taste good too big properties, the skin easy to peel and easy to digest, can refresh the body, adding to the weak bird spirit and improve the sound (especially for birds that crackled and lazy). Canary Seed consuming too much can cause can cause obesity. [Only Registered Users Can See Links]

Link: biji millet untuk kenari
Budidaya Kenari
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