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Default MP3 Audio Kicau Burung Anis Kembang

One appeal of anise flower bird chirping sound that adaslah have nonstop or ngerol, capable of dominating other species of birds chirping sound in the same neighborhood. Anise flower also has a chirping sound that is quite varied, especially if routinely performed pemasteran. Although his voice is quite loud, but good sound in the ear. That's why many fans who regularly memaster anise flower in order to have a more varied sound chirp.

Anise flower rich sound field is likely to intone the sound booms constantly, almost without stopping alias ngerol. Due to the same reason, a lot of fans who routinely perform pemasteran order anis blossoms have long songs.

Memaster anise flower can be done in several ways, for example using a master bird, memaster with electronic devices, or memaster by utilizing the sounds of birds recorded from mp3.

Link: suara anis kembang
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