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Default Bermain Burung Kenari di Bulan Ramadhan

Canary ready to contest the canaries depends maturity. Usually for 8 months of age upwards can already deployed to the field. In fact there are still aged 6-7 months up ready race, but it depends on maintainability of still puppies.

Each kicaumania would want a canary that issued the rhythm of the song ngeroll long. Prerequisites to be ngeroll long, of course, walnuts must have a long breath.

Well to create a long breath walnuts, use umbaran 2x1m cage with 2 pieces tangkringan end to end. Just as an athlete, walnuts require stamina very vibrant and it must be trained continuously

Benefits of doing pengumbaran walnuts regularly, in addition to extending the breath, also to maintain his stamina because when diumbar all elements of the body to move on. This will make walnut healthy and avoid all kinds of diseases.

Link: bermain kenari
Budidaya Kenari
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