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Default Harga Pasaran Burung Cucak Ijo

Ijo Cucak price is relative as other birds, for bird cucak male green market in bandrol trotolan usually priced at about 500 - 650 that was of any market price could also be different depending sedangngkan for going green forest around Rp.650 cucak price, high price cucak green because it is based cucak green bird is one of the chirping of birds faforit mania ranging from distinctive voice and favors enjoyed, the price of green cucak iu itself also influenced by cucak green identity card of its own for the time being of some of the information I get cucak jo which has the highest price is cucak green of Jember and Banyuwangi, he said cucak green of both regions have greater body posture and also have a more stuffing material anyway.

Link: Harga cucak ijo
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