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Default Berbagai Jenis Burung Cucak Ijo

Birds chirp Cucak Ijo very melodious and can emulate the sound of various types of other birds. Therefore, to get a bird Cucak Ijo has a quality race and had a loud voice bulge weapons by hobiisi Ijo Cucak voice filled with the sounds of other birds master. Suppose, master cucak Beard, Love Bird, Cililin, Punglor Red and others.

Although including wild birds, but the birds Cucak Ijo very easily tamed. Sangking even tame, Cucak Ijo quickly familiar with humans. Ijo cucak most like the food from insects such as crickets, Kroto, caterpillars and fruit as a main meal.

Birds with the Latin name of this sonerati Chiropsis, happy life in the dense forests. In Indonesia, especially in the area of ​​Malang, Banyuwangi, Greater Sunda Islands and there are many species of birds Cucak Ijo. In Java and Bali there are three types, while in Greater Sunda Islands there are seven types.

Ijo Cucak bird species, there is a mention Cipoh or Cipo, subdivided Cipoh Heart and Cipoh I painted. This species is a group Genus Aeghitina. While other types are small and Cica Cica Leaves Big Leaves, or commonly called Cucak Ijo.

Link: jenis cucak ijo
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