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Default Perawatan Terhadap Burung Cucak Ijo Yang Bagus

Although the common name is cucak cucak green or green, but this is not a bird or cucak alter the family-cucakan. Cucak green bird was not one tribe with cucakrowo or cucak Java for example.

What we call a green cucak has the scientific name Chloropsis sonnerati. He is a bird Greater Green Leafbird with the whole body with a dominant green color. Chloropsis sonnerati belong to the tribe Chloropseidae, closely related to birds cipoh (Aegithina spp.). In English, this bird was known as the Greater Green Leafbird.

The types of CICA-leaf also known as bird common leaf or leaf magpie.

Medium-bodied, with a total body length (measured from tip of beak to tip of tail) of about 22 cm.

Like most CICA-leaves, whole body dominated by bright green color (green leaves), including wings and tail; while the cheeks and throat shiny black males.
Differences with other CICA-leaf is the absence of color (dot) blue on the shoulders male birds. Female bird with a yellow throat and a yellow eye ring. Both sexes have a pair of sparkling blue malar stripe on the side of his chin.

Link: cara merawat cucak ijo
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