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Default Tanda Tanda Burung Cucak Ijo Asal Banyuwangi

Are you a fan of green cucak true? if yes whether you can find green cucak derived from Banyuwangi? Certainly very difficult to distinguish the local green cak Java or Kalimantan because it zoom glance very similar. Dareah origin of this bird in my opinion not to distinguish the sound of birds or mentally because each bird has a mental and sounds different.

Cucak green birds originating from banyuwangi he has a bigger body size but the fact that the market birds originating from Sumatra and Borneo also has a big body, so does the typical menjadiciri banyuwangi green cucak this?

In Banyuwangi are cucak green bird habitats that are spread throughout the region, for example in the area purwo, songgon pads, foot Mount Ijen, and pedestal Pesanggaran. From various regions of the mania prefer the chirping of birds coming from purwo because they've read a lot of articles and tersugesti green cucak that birds originating from purwo it has mental and chirping sounds nice, but in my opinion it is not !!! heheee birds have bird's mental because the character itself is not because the area of ​​origin of the bird, if it's a good sound was most likely due to the daily care and masteran suitable by the owner of the bird.

Link: cucak ijo banyuwangi
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