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Default Cara paling jitu pemasteran burung cucak hijau

cucak green or so-called green cucak, CH, CI is a bird chirping or which have the character of a loud noise and loud. Cucak green birds to be excellent for bird lovers chirping because in addition to a varied and loud booms, also has a striking coat color, which is green. Since the number of applicants for this then green cucak race also often held in several regions in Indonesia.

There is a very important part in shaping the green cucak champions, namely pemasteran. In previous articles we have discussed about the birds chirping pemasteran understand how to be effective, and you can read it here. Actually, to pemasteran green cucak not vary much with pemasteran birds chirping in general. It's just not the same character green cucak with other chirping birds. Cucak greens tend to be more receptive chirping of birds other types and more varied. But more quickly forget the sound masterannya if moving or changing environment. Here's what you have to understand about cucak green.

Link: masteran cucak ijo
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