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Default Inilah Tandanya Burung Cucak Ijo Mini

This bird is called cucak green mini, because the color of their feathers like a mini green leaves and very pretty. As beautiful as varied chatter, and is smaller than the usual green cucak. To protect it from the threat of extinction, it is recommended to buy from breeders.
Cucak green mini is actually a bird with a limited deployment area, which is in the neighborhood of Southeast Asia alone. In Indonesia, he found only found in Sumatra, Java, and Borneo.
Mini green cucak posture of Java less than from Sumatra, but larger than the mini green cucak of Borneo. That's what makes this green cucak called bird cucak green mini.
Males and females can be identified by the color of the hair on the throat. If there are black in this section, means manly.
But it remains to be careful, because fraud could occur everywhere, including in the bird market. There are cases where the hair on the throat cucak green mini females in order to fool potential buyers discolored.
Treatment is relatively easy ways, not much different from other birds chirping. Only, cucak green mini reluctant to consume voer. So the cage should be provided banana or papaya, Kroto, and insects (jangkerik, caterpillar, or grasshoppers).
These birds are often afraid of the water, especially when bathed in cages bath. Usually he only dipped only part of his body.
To get used to the shower every morning (if the weather is sunny), use spayer filled with water, then spray slowly to his body. After that, the bird cage is dried together.
If unfamiliar, long cucak green mini will be bathed in the shower cages.
Cage to maintain cucak green mini varied. Typically, the chirping of mania using cage measuring 50 cm x 60 cm (box) or a spherical cage. If the class of the race, usually used is a luxury cage made in China.

Link: cucak ijo mini
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