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Default Cara Beternak Burung Cucak Ijo

Cucak cucak green or green is one of the birds chirping are much favored by lovers of birds chirping. Cucak elegant green color (green) and his voice was also so typical. Nature fighter (fighter) as add ferocious bird is green.

Because green cucak fans so much, then in addition to the collection and care of the race, green cucak also has good prospects if bred / reared. In addition to ways to raise green cucak classified as not difficult, CH selling price is also quite high. So, besides you happy as a hobby bird preserve green cucak you could also menernaknya. From hobby it can also generate purse money not less. Only in raising green cucak you should really painstaking, patient, consistent, and willing to learn.


Well for that we on this occasion will share tips for those of you who want to start raising the green cucak to succeed. Immediately following is a step-by-step how to raise green cucak in order to succeed

Link: ternak cucak ijo
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