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Default Burung Kenari Malang

Walnut Malang, Indonesia Burung Kenari - The origin of the walnut is not actually native to Indonesia but in its development canaries are very popular in Indonesia there was the most famous areas as local producers are canaries Malang. Malang has the air temperature and the weather is perfect for bird Raising Canary islands so in Indonesia, especially Java, Malang Walnuts are kiblatnya canaries that have fairly good quality and can be said to be very good. Although in other areas are also breeding Walnuts, however unfortunate had been in nobatkan or believed to be kiblatnya canaries.

The canary has a very attractive color color bright, beautiful, gorgeous and has an interesting tweets that meeting anyway because chatter and shoot shoot. The following are some photos walnuts very popular in Indonesia and Malang in particular.

Link: kenari malang
Budidaya Kenari
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