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Default Khasiat Canary Seed Bagi Kesehatan Burung Kenari

Feed grains that can be given to a canary pretty much kind and easy to obtain on the market. Some are in the form of packaging, some are made by traders of feed or bird feed company, and there is also a feed imports.

When used in feed quality because kilogram Noteworthy is often mixed with dirt. Feed should be cleaned by soaking in water, discard the seeds that float on water.

Dikatan quality seeds can still germinate well if (life) and can be characterized by the will sink if the seeds are soaked in water.

Various types of grains that can be granted to the Canaries including the following:

1. Seeds Walnuts (Kanarium Memmum)

Canary seed produced from one kind of plant countryman grass and always preferred to be used as feed canaries. Walnut kernels lack of good quality beige-gray, while both gray-black and it is quite solid. Abortion is: 14.4% protein, 6.4% fat and 55.3% carbohydrate.

Excellent walnut kernels walnuts given upon entering and during the mating period will be contested. Although canary seed coat is rather tough and hard so hard disisil by walnut seedlings, seeds should still be given as the main feed mixture that is better known by the children walnuts.

Link: canary seed untuk kenari
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