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Default Berapa Lama Burung Kenari Bertelur Setelah Proses Kawin?

Canary is a bird that is quite popular for all kicaumania in Indonesia. Small bird with diverse varieties favored for many years, even a few who tried menangkarkannya, both for personal as well as business purposes. Well, some novice breeders often surprised, then complaining, why not lay eggs the female parent walnuts in a nesting place that has been provided, but in the feed container. How can that be right? Want to know the answer?

Having never experienced, most novice breeder did not know how to cope with this incident. Somebody tried to move the eggs into the nest, or even leave it laying on where to eat / feed.

If this is done carefully-day, then what happens next is the breeders would not want to incubate eggs, or even throw eggs to the bottom of the cage / cage. Therefore, for the uninitiated, Om chirping will explain the cause of the female parent first few walnuts laying in the feed container.

Link: berapa hari kenari bertelur setelah dikawinkan
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