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Default Perhatikan Hal Kecil Berikut Dalam Ternak Kenari

Sometimes we do not raise too much attention in the little things like the position of livestock barns, cattle sheds environment and supporting advice. If these things will lead to less attention pique at a later date. For example when placing cattle shed we do not pay attention to feng shui (he he .. sorry joke) environment around cattle sheds. The best placement is square or cattle sheds attached to the wall beside the left and right of the cage closed. Animal cage placed in an area that is free from insect infestation or other animals such as mice, lizards etc.

To avoid the attack of insects like ants around the cage area menempek wall surrounded with nice lime (limestone magic). If large livestock barns using the foot legs smeared oil. While the main bully other than ants, namely mice, rats actually only take food walnut walnuts negligent only if you look well and beat ya at these events often experienced by hobis. With the placement of the cage on the wall is expected to minimize the rat attacks only occasionally mice also smart to find a gap for that you should be careful in the placement of the best cage sich using aluminum enclosure. I have experience about ants attacked livestock barns ...... .. lucky rapidly discovered that his mother was helped but most of the dead and then died all because the parent becomes over-protective (regarding the nature overprotected I will discuss at another time).

Link: hal kecil yang penting dalam beternak kenari
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