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Default Gestational Diabetes

The lifestyle of high speed and full of stress, improper nutrition and sports cukupnya not accelerate the development of diabetes in an early enough age. Therefore, it is important to know the causes of diabetes and know how to control your diabetes.

Diabetes or high blood sugar is a disease arising in case of abnormalities in certain body functions that utilize carbohydrates, fats and proteins in the blood to produce energy. Lack of a hormone called insulin or lack of insulin production by the pancreas causing diabetes appear. Insulin regulates sugar levels in the blood. An inefficient provision in the amount of insulin produced may cause the onset of diabetes.

The cause of diabetes that can be caused by factors that cause high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) can be caused by:

-Consume food containing simple sugars which are easily absorbed by the body, such as candy, ice cream and pastries.

-Consume drinks that use artificial sweeteners such as fizzy drinks and juice.

In addition, some types of food may also be influencing the incidence of diabetes causes, such as:

1. Often eat-in foods fried or fried foods

Fried foods or fried foods that we eat is one of the causes of the incidence of diabetes. Plus if have a history of diabetes. The sugar in the blood will be increasingly tied up with the oil for food. Oil that turns into fat this will hamper the operations of the blood and the course will further improve blood sugar rate continues to rise.

2. Frequent snacking food sweet

Currently many food products once sold by the use of preservatives and artificial sweeteners. When someone has a hobby of eating-food snacking are sweet. Do not close the possibility of having the risk to the disease of diabetes. In addition also the fat levels in the blood is increased.

3. Malasnya doing physical activity

Activities in addition to working at the Office or melakoni daily work was not always fruitful or help reduce blood sugar levels. Other support activities are also needed to help control blood sugar levels for example with gentle exercise that can be done at least once a week. By doing sport we can reduce the risk of the causes of diabetes.

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