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Default Faktor Yang Menjadi Penyebab Gagalnya Pembuahan Pada Kenari

Another problem that could hamper efforts canary breeding is the process of mating disruption and / or fertilization.

Marriage, as you know, is the process of convergence of cloacal coitus or males and a female bird. The conception is the convergence of male birds sperm cells and egg (ovum) in the female reproductive tract, resulting in prospective embryo called germinalis disc.

If the gain warmth within a certain temperature and in a certain time, discus germinalis this will develop into an embryo, and continues to grow into a fetus, until eventually hatch into chicks.

Well, this mating process will be the main determinant of the success of fertilization. In practice, the birds were already destined not be able to perform a marriage or coitus, or fail anyway in the process of fertilization. Here are some contributing factors:

The existence of nuisance animals such as geckos, lizard, lizards, etc., that could make the male and / or female parent scared and he did not marry.
Just imagine if we want to run "sacred intent" (a term which is exactly what yes, he .. he ..), then there is the crowd in front of or next to the house. Certainly not in the mood is not it?
Perch are not sturdy or shake, making it difficult for the parent when couples want to marry.
Fertilization process fails because the feathers are too thick, especially around the cloaca.
For the first and second points, you can anticipate based factors. But for the third point, the necessary special tips such as the following.

The feathers are too thick either the male and female parent could hinder the process of fertilization. It was also difficult for the males when they wanted to marry a female. It is necessary for actions that are important, namely to cut feathers around the cloaca.

Trim or shave that is too thick around the cloaca of walnuts will give you a greater chance of success when perkawina.

Link: penyebab terganggunya pembuahan pada kenari
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