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Default Cara Mencegah Guratan Merah Kaki Burung Kenari

Many complaints from bird hobbyist, especially walnuts, the sick birds are preceded by signs of red streaks in the legs, especially in the calf and toe knuckles. It was a sign of an infection that must be addressed so as not to spread and cause chronic pain conditions or even death in birds.

Infection can be caused by fungal attack, laceration by bars or other parts of the cage and accessories are sharp, and can also be due to mosquito bites.

We, the bird hobbyist, usually not aware of the existence of a small wound in the foot walnut is the cause of the infection-causing microbes or the entry of sick birds. We are aware of the presence of infection is usually after foot swollen or red streaks had spread from the books walnut legs toward the shank and usually even gotten to the thigh.

Link: pencegahan guratan merah pada kaki kenari
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