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Default Cara Mengatasi Burung Kenari Yang Sering Menemp0el di Jeruji

As another chirping birds, lust and excess energy is often made of walnut that had been quiet singing with maximal power turns into violent: open wings belebih, nemplok2 cage bars, but it sounds so pendek2.

The solution? "I always recommend not added daily dose Kroto, no more 10 points, do not add if exhausted. Ngruji make lust and excess. If terlajur, try setting cage with 3 or 4 plangkringan two above, diseting7 bars dr edge and one center in the middle. If necessary, two in the middle.

In this way it also overcome gacor birds who like to play under the floor and fall when nempur. With plangkringan could always move in any position, performance bird always above tangkringan and always observed the jury. Because in any organizer, and the sound of birds fall below could reduce the value.

Link: cara mengatasi kenari ngeruji
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