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Default Cara Menjadikan Suara Burung Kenari Menjadi Keras

To be able to maximize the volume of a walnut, it is necessary to feed the kind of harmony and balance. Feed containing walnuts in nutrients needed daily care. It can be obtained from the main feed or from additional feed. This is to ensure canary always fit and healthy. So that walnuts not lack of vitamins and mineral materials in its development so that can be issued in accordance with the maximum sound capacity.

As tips for extra fooding, I give young shoots pace plant (Morinda citrifolia) on walnuts. Besides walnuts can cure a variety of diseases, leaf pace efficacious also boost the volume of walnut. How the presentation of noni leaf is easy, simply hung in the cage instead of vegetables and fruits. From my experience, giving noni leaf is very useful for making sound canary become more transparent / crystal, and loud. This is due to the properties of noni leaf has a cleaning effect on walnuts hoarse voice.

Aside from the main feed and extra fooding, physical exercise is also necessary to support the strength of the chest muscles and wings that can suppress the air bag so that walnuts could intone the booms. Umbaran necessary to practice a rather large enclosure. Perch placed rather far apart so as to make the motion more active walnuts. Keep also places to eat and drink in such a manner so that active canary in a cage umbaran.

What about the case of walnuts sudden decrease the sound volume? Original walnut loud but suddenly his voice small and long traffic jams can be caused by several things. But what often happens is because kortoran (sputum) and infection inside the throat. To clean dirt (phlegm), can be treated with noni leaf buds and with drying walnuts every day. Keep in mind, this drying is done not too long, between one or two hours is sufficient. Do not let the passing of 10 hours because the sun had started to sting. With this therapy, walnuts will be reduced dirt / phlegm gradually. If you've started out his phlegm, then walnuts can be given refresher solution inside the container drink. Furthermore treated like haraiannya.

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