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Default Berbagai Macam Jenis Cacing Penyerang Burung Kenari

Various types of worms and their consequences thereof are often found in the bird's body. Among them are often found is a worm throat (Syngamus trachea), hair worms (Capillaria sp.), Roundworms (Ascaridia sp.), And tapeworms (Cestoda).
1) Worms throat
Symptoms: Birds seem coughing, sneezing, and head shaking while eliminating mucus from his nostrils.
Cause: The disease is caused by parasitic worms throat. These worms live in the area of ​​the throat that can clog the airways that can cause death.
2) Hair Worms
Symptoms: There are no typical symptoms. Symptoms that appear only birds suffer from diarrhea. However, if a bird is exposed it will spread rapidly to all the inhabitants of the cage until the end of his can turn off the entire contents of the cage.
Cause: This disease is caused by a worm attack hair. Worm infections can be via the feed, drink, and soil contaminated by worm eggs. In the body of the host, the worms live in the intestinal mucous membranes that absorb nutrients through the blood of birds which eat smoked.
3) Roundworms
Symptoms: Attack This worm does not cause typical symptoms. Due to this worm attacks can cause disease anemia (anemia) and for toxicity in the host birds by the waste excretion of parasites. Similarly, this worm habit gather in one place can cause intestinal blockage resulting in the death of the host bird.
Cause: Roundworms be the cause of the pain of the birds of the tribe of crooked beak, pigeon, and poultry.
Worm infected soil can be extracted and then given a top agricultural lime and sprayed with disinfectant solution, such as FreshAves.
4) Tapeworms
Symptoms: Cestodiosis can be caused by many different types of tapeworms, se-like Davainea proglottina, Raillietina sp., Amoebotaenia sphenoides, and Choanotaenia infundibulum. Common symptoms are seen in birds infected cestodiosis is lethargic, pale, thin, anorexia (not eating), a little diarrhea. Cestodiosis davainea can be turned on causing the birds seemed always open beak like thirst, while cestodiosis raillietina may cause plumage download so rude.
Causes of this disease are tapeworms. Tapeworm the shortest is Davainea proglottina (0.5 mm-3 mm) and the longest is Raillietina tetragona and R. echinobothrida (25 cm).
In addition to treatment for worms, prevention efforts also need to be done. Animal intermediary that fly and land snails need to be eradicated. These animals can transmit the worm eggs are eaten on its host, namely poultry and birds.

Link: cacing pengganggu kenari
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