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Default Cara Membuat Burung Lovebird Cepat Gacor

Lovebird has beautiful posture and melodious voice. Gacor lovebird bird that will cost more expensive, and usually will be more expensive after winning the race of birds chirping. Check out the latest prices bird lovebird 2014 here.

For lovebird birds chirp (not breeding), there are tricks and their own way for faster gacor and certainly could be a lovebird champions. In addition to doing the right lovebird care, you also have to do some innovative steps to form a lovebird become more gacor. But before discussing more about how to order fast lovebird bird gacor, it helps you know the standard feed for lovebird. Here is the standard feed lovebird:

Fresh vegetables such as spinach, bean sprouts.
Fruits such as apples, papaya, or bananas.
Grains such as millet and maize.

That is the standard feed for lovebird. And now let's find out about ways that birds quickly lovebird gacor ala champion. This way you should do it or not, certainly following tips are tips from kicuakan friend who is experienced in treating lovebird. Here are the ways that birds quickly lovebird gacor:

Bird lovebird lovebird who gacor normally is manly, so make sure you are male lovebird. For male lovebird has different characteristics than females, although lovebird including birds that are difficult to distinguish between the male and female. To know how to distinguish male and female lovebird can be read here.

So the bird lovebird quickly gacor / diligent sound, you should replace the old with the new millet every two days. Millet / grains and vegetables should be varied with the aim of lovebird needs carbohydrates, minerals, protein, and vitamin fulfilled ..

Extra food or commonly called EF is additional food for lovebird to variasa diet and adequate nutritional requirements. For EF lovebird, you can provide fresh fruits favored by your lovebird, because not all lovebird love with the same fruit. For example, by giving banana, papaya or apples. But remember, if you give an apple, then make sure you dispose of the contents in advance.

To make the gacor lovebird and the quality of your consciousness will also need cleaning the cage / cage. Wash the cage every day, including bird droppings discard and replace the birds drinking water every day. We recommend using water that has been cooked or mineral water.

Bird baths gacor lovebird so fast you can do in the morning by way of spraying until dripping wet. If the sun is not too hot, can be directly dried. But if the sun is hot, the winds first and then dried to a maximum of 10 hours of the morning. You can also spray the lovebird again after aerated up soaking wet, winds, and dry in the sun again until noon. This way you can do every week 3 times. Although a little extreme but this therapy can make faster lovebird gacor.

This one is obliged to do so as quickly gacor lovebird, ie with voice pemasteran. Pemasteran sound can be done with the sound of birds other master or the mp3 player that is now widely available. Pemasteran can be done during the day until late afternoon (10:00 to 15:00), and in the evening until morning. For maximum results, for pemasteran lovebird should dikrodong.

Link: agar lovebird cepat gacor
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