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Default Download Suara Kicauan Burung Ciblek MP3

The fans ciblek certainly hope that diligent bird sounds with the sound of his trademark shots, known as ngebren. Ngebren term refers to the sound of machine guns (tommy). Apart from the nickname of the sound booms, there are many ciblekmania are curious because of his rare bird noises ngebren. This time, Om chirping want to provide guidance on how to train and memaster ciblek to be more diligent bird noises ngebrennya.

In general, all the birds ciblek have the ability to remove his trademark sound of gunfire. But but not all people can do it to the fullest.

Factors affecting among others the character of the bird, and treatment including pemasteran. Here is an overview of the relationship of two factors:

Two tail ciblek with different genetic qualities, but received treatment and pemasteran same, then the result is not necessarily the same.
Instead, two tails ciblek the genetic quality is almost the same (eg from the same parent partner), but received treatment and pemasteran different, then the result will also be different.
In addition, the potential ngebren also associated with persistence in birds. Average insisted properties owned ciblek young. Talkative young birds tend to be easily trained to have the ability to speak ngebren with denser and longer.

Link: suara ciblek
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