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Default Tanda-Tanda Burung Kenari Sakit Gondok

specific symptoms of mumps disease and asthma, I think was tantamount pain on breathing.
get sick because of asthma or as goiter ... thus the remedy is different.
please enlightenment.

paru2 asthma attack, mumps abnormalities in thyroid ... very different.

usually if taxable dried hyacinth can not stand, if it is severe already spoken briefly dried ngik-ngik, when the singing voice sometimes get lost. thyroid gland enlarges and is located close to the vocal cords, vocal cords and consequently suppress ultimately can not produce sounds or singing. mineral deficiency disease, precisely iodine. usually consumed grains grown on land that is less minerals especially grain imports.

if asthma opposite, walnut will look healthier when dried by heat. if night would sleep sound winded ngik-ngik.

if you see the symptoms of walnuts they will most likely exposed to mumps, at the time the birds moult requires 30% more nutrients than usual time. at the time it was usually the owner actually abandoned canary, should instead be pampered.

Link: kenari sakit gondok
Budidaya Kenari
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